Welcome to the Clay Pigeon Shooting Subsection

The Clay Pigeon Shooting sub-section was formed in 1977 and uses a shoot site located on private land approximately three miles due north of Hursley. The club is open to all IBM employees who are Full, Associate, or Retiree members of the IBM Hursley Club, and is affiliated to the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA) with facilities as follows:

  • Strong emphasis on safety; which is paramount
  • Shooting disciplines supported are:
    • Down the Line (Trap)
    • Automatic Ball Trap
    • Skeet (English and ISU)
    • Sporting and Compact Sporting
  • Coaching for beginners is available from CPSA registered coaches
  • A friendly atmosphere with emphasis on recreation with occasionalcompetitive events

The club operates from mid-February to Mid-October each year with shoots taking place at fortnightly intervals on Sunday afternoons; start time 12:00 and finish 16:30 latest. Members are requested to arrive early (e.g. 11:30) to help setup, or stay late to help clear up.

Cartridges - Since 2012

Please note that it is the clubs intention to stop supplying cartridges to regular members at each shoot when the current stock has gone. Everybody needs to ensure that they bring enough cartridges to each shoot. Cartridges will be supplied for the Taster Days.

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